Anima Italiana is the realization of a project and the affirmation of the experience gained with work and passion. Anima Italiana expresses the will to unite business skills and a deep Knowledge of the market of foods in a project that is focuses around a theme, carved in the corporate DNA and present in all the nuances of this idea, expressed in a simple concept but of enormous meaning: THE ITALIAN WAY OF DOING THINGS

Anima Italiana is in the field of food distribution, with a portfolio of over 500 references, distributed across four own brands mainly in Italy and, more recently, in foreign markets. Our strengths are:

  • " Years of experience as operators in all different steps of the food of supply chain, which has allowed to meet directly and answer in the best way the needs of different workers;
  • Careful selection of suppliers, in Italy and in Europe, chosen after different research.
  • The extreme attention to the quality, understood as the best summary of the different characteristics of the composition, taste, presentation and price
  • The ability to help its partners by building opportunities and offers that combine in the best way the assortment and profit margins